What Are You Working For?

Most of us would get paid to do work. So we work day and night squeezing every drop of blood, sweat and tear out of our very soul. We work so hard that even mules all over the world are put to shame.

Then it’s payday. We get paid, we smile, we’re happy but then we realize that we’re barely making enough.

So… we work even harder. We take two jobs and perhaps have something else on the side. All we can think of is we need to make more money because behind all these hard work is a reason. A reason that keeps us going, our source of motivation that compels us to work so hard even if our body and brain can’t handle it anymore.

I always tell people that when I was single, I just worked for myself. When I got married, I worked for myself and my wife. When we had kids, I worked for myself, my wife and our kids.

Some people however extend their obligations for a bigger cause which is exactly what happened to me when Stu and Amy McLaren invited me to join World Teacher Aid for a trip to Kenya, Africa back in July. Check out some of the photos in Facebook.

Long story short, this trip changed my life so much that I realized that I had to make even more money because I just felt the need to help others and we all know that it’s hard to help when you don’t have enough money to begin with. I think that true living begins when we stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking of others. « Tweet This

We all work for a reason but I urge you to raise your motivation by extending your boundaries towards helping not just family but also friends and even people you don’t know. If you’re reading this and you realize that your work is not making you enough to do this then perhaps it’s time to look for a better source of income so you can start helping others.

What are you working for? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “What Are You Working For?

  1. Stu McLaren says:

    It was awesome having you on the trip Mike and I know based on this post that the time will be something you’ll never forget.

    At the end of the day, we need to focus on our finances so that we can help in the most impactful way. The better prepared we are financially, the more we can help.

    That’s why I always say it starts with you learning to make more, so you can give more and therefore live more.

    You’re awesome dude!

  2. […] are you really serving the people? A great question to even ask ourselves. Who are you working for? What are you working for? As Mike Lopez […]

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