3 + 3 Social Media DO NOTs

I think it’s about time to write something about things I hate people do in social media. I’ll try my best not to turn this post into a rant and hopefully you’ll end up being better with social media by avoiding the things that I am going to say here OR perhaps stop doing them if you already are.

First, I want to tell you all that I love social media. Being a programmer who always works at night and sleeps during the day, social media is my number one place for knowing what’s going on “out there”. Getting in touch with friends and family and making new friends everyday.

Spending my share of time on Facebook and Twitter, I come across some really annoying things that people do online.

(By the way, you’d also love to read 3 Guaranteed Social Networking Rockstar Tactics which perfectly complements this post.)

#1Tagging people in photos they’re not in.

Don’t you just hate it when people tag you in a photo and you don’t find yourself in the photo? Even worse, the photo is some advertisement of some product you don’t even care about. Top that with the fact that you get tagged in multiple photos!

Yeah, there’s a setting in Facebook where you can control tagging but I still end up disapproving a bunch of my pending tags which is a waste of time.

To those people doing this (hopefully you guys are reading this), there’s this thing called Facebook Ads which is the right place to put your ads in. Don’t be cheap and stop spamming people.

#2Sharing “news” without verifying if it’s true or not.

I find it to be funny sometimes but annoying most of the time. C’mon, can Bill Gates really file a patent for ones and zeroes? Yeah, this story is very old and not true. Sadly it still ends up in the faces of people who think it’s true and don’t think twice about clicking that share button.

If you want to gain credibility online, at least please verify your so-called news before sharing it.

#3Asking Begging Forcing people to share and like chain letters.

I’ve ignored probably over a thousand chain letters which tell me that I will die or something wrong will happen if I don’t share or like something. Yes, this section also includes those who plays with guilt by saying “Share this if you love Jesus”. I’m not religious but I do respect the GUY. I don’t think guilt-tripping other people is a good way to go though. Another version says, “Satan does not want you to share this.” and so on and so forth.

So far, I’m still alive, healthy and living a good life and I don’t remember sharing even one of those pesky chain letters (OK maybe I did share a few years ago).

Where’s the other 3?

The title of the post says 3 + 3 Social Media DO NOTs and I’ve only mentioned 3 so far. That’s because the other 3 was posted by my good friend (to whom I don’t remember begging for shares and likes) last July which I happen to have read just today. His name is Benj Arriola, a smart and awesome SEO guru from whom I learned a lot.

The “+3” is named 3 THINGS I HATE SEO PEOPLE DO ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. Read it and make sure to check out his other blog posts as well which in my opinion are very helpful and good to read.

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