3 Guaranteed Social Networking Rockstar Tactics

I’m FEELING GOOD today. Oh yeah, I am feeling SO GOOD TODAY and I think YOU WILL BE FEELING AS GOOD as I am after you READ THIS BLOG POST. Oh yeah, THAT’S RIGHT because I am going to TELL YOU SOMETHING really GREAT.


Ok, ENOUGH enough of the capitalization.

Tactic 1: Be Controversial

People love controversy. I know I do and I’m almost sure that you like it too. Fact is when people in social networking sites sees a post about something controversial they are more likely to click Like, write a comment or even share it too. Controversies can be about anything.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers made a good example when he spoke at Clickbank Exchange 2012. He said that in a world where almost everybody talks about “content is king”, a topic on whether “which is king: design or content?” is something that will get people to interact by liking, sharing and commenting.

Again, it can be about anything. Dogs vs cats, death of internet marketing (we all heard about that, right?) or even whether mother-in-laws are fairy god mothers or evil witches (my mother-in-law is a fairy god mother by the way).

Tactic 2: Tweet Re-Tweetables

Ever wondered why some tweets have more re-tweets than others? Well, to say it as plainly as possible, some tweets are just boring and not worth re-tweeting. If you want your tweet to be re-tweeted I’d suggest that you:

  1. Tweet quotes – people love quotes and if you check out twitter, you’d actually see that lots of quotes are re-tweeted everyday. You probably re-tweeted a lot of them
  2. Quote what other bloggers say – quotes don’t have to be said by popular (or dead) people. You can quote what other people are saying in their blog posts (link to their blog as well). This builds rapport with the blogger that you just quoted in your tweet resulting in a long term relationship
  3. Mention people in your posts – mention people in your tweets whenever possible. Do not however mention more than one person in a tweet unless necessary. If you said something good (or maybe even controversial) then people (including the person you mentioned) might just re-tweet it.

Tactic 3: Be (Actually) Useful and Helpful

I’ll be blunt about this. Many people in social media are just plain a$$h0l3z! All they think about are themselves and what will benefit them. I’m not religious but I believe karma works everywhere. People will love you and follow you more if you are actually being useful and helpful to others.

I’m not saying that you have to like every post and re-tweet every tweet. Instead, I want you to be natural. Be the genuine good guy (or gal) and you should be fine.

But wait, there’s more… :-)

Bonus Tactic #1: Be Funny

Lots of my friends say that I’m a funny person. Truth is I love fun more than I am funny. I think it’s safe to say that majority of the population loves to have a good laugh every now and then so give them the good ol’ medicine of laughter. You don’t have to be a clown. Just remember that the funniest jokes are those that happen in real life.

Note: Be careful that you don’t offend others though.

Bonus Tactic #2: Ask for Love

I don’t advise you to ask people to share your Facebook posts or re-tweet your tweets. What I advise you to do is to ask for love in your blog posts which is what I’m going to do right now.

If you think this post is worth it, please don’t hesitate to share it on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter.

Furthermore, if it’s not too much to ask, you might as well follow me on twitter and catch me on fb.


– Mike

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