Why Consistency Trumps Speed

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Ok, here’s one secret to building your business successfully over time.

The best way to run is to run at a consistent pace. You may be slower than the other more experienced runners but consistency takes you to your destination and back – all the time. Running too fast on the other hand can make you so tired so fast that you end up quitting at times.

The same is true not just for running but for everything else that you do in life, including doing business.

Most people make the big mistake of trying to accomplish what they need to do so fast that they often mess up what they’re doing and end up very tired. Do that again the next day and you get even more tired. The day after that and you’ll feel overwhelmed and so on. But no, I have nothing against speed. I think working fast is good …

… but first you have to be consistent.

Consistency is defined as the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Maintain quality, build stamina, gain experience, strengthen up and you’ll be naturally doing things at the speed of light in no time. Ok, maybe not the speed of light, but you’ll be doing things faster than you can ever do right now. The moment you find it easy to do the things that you do, then it’s time to raise the bar a little bit higher, do things a little bit faster.

Being consistent is the best way to train for speed. « Tweet This

Consistency trumps speed because consistency is the path to speed. No runner, race car driver, business man or woman or entrepreneur started out as fast and as good as they are in what they’re doing today without being consistent in the beginning.

Don’t overdrive yourself. You’ll get better and faster before you know it and your consistency will pay off soon enough.

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