What Many So-Called Network Marketers Fail to Understand

I had a rather interesting Facebook discussion today with a friend who is into network marketing. Being both network marketers, our discussion naturally moved into the topic of network marketing which then became a comparison between his current company and the company that I’m with now (Royalè Business Club International, Inc.) for the past 5 years. I’ve been through discussions like this a lot of times that honestly it’s starting to get old.

Anyway, being an old friend, I have to be polite and get along with the discussion. Besides I have two things that I want to share with you which came up in our conversation.

Failure #1 – No one becomes a millionaire through sales

All experienced marketers will certainly disagree with this, myself included. Even if we confine this thought to the network marketing industry alone, many will still disagree chiefly because sales is the driving force behind any millionaire in the world today, even network marketers.

The network marketing world is divided mainly into two camps. Those in the first camp are those who believe that the path to becoming a millionaire is to focus on selling the membership package (i.e. recruitment). These people focus more on promoting the opportunity rather than the product. The second camp however believes that the right path to becoming a millionaire is to focus more on promoting the product first then the opportunity second.

But which is right? It’s hard to tell because both camps have produced millionaires but here’s what I think.

If I focus on telling people about the opportunity, I will end up with only a handful of people who might believe me mainly because there are tons of opportunities out there most of which are scams. Furthermore, the team that I will be building will be one who will easily jump to a better or a newer opportunity if they find one. In other words, loyalty and retention is low in this group.

On the other hand, if I focus on the product by both using it and telling my friends about it, then I will naturally gain new members in my team because they trust the product because I personally use it or have tried it themselves and liked it. This results to a team that both believe the products and are happy using it and telling other people about it. Even if they find other network marketing companies who offer other products, they will most likely still keep on using our products because, as I’d always like to say, “no one stops drinking coffee because they found a new brand of shampoo.” In other words, they don’t necessarily have to switch.

If you’re a budding network marketer, always remember that money is in sales not in recruitment.

Failure #2 – Recruitment alone is enough

The reason for this is obvious, what if you can’t recruit anyone anymore? But there are billions of people in the world! Surely you won’t run out of people to recruit. WRONG. You can’t recruit everyone because everyone is not meant to be recruited. No matter how hard you try, there will always be a saturation point wherein no one else wants to join your business opportunity even if they want to buy your products.

Don’t get me wrong though. Recruiting new team members is a great way to jump-start your success in network marketing and I encourage my team to bring in new members regularly by promoting the products first then opportunity.

However, there is one big problem to this. A company that focuses on recruitment alone to compensate its members is most likely a involved in what is called pyramid scheme which is illegal in most (if not all) countries. Stay away from companies that do this. Good companies also allows their members to earn through other means like overrides and direct sales.

So you’ve been warned. If you’re required to recruit to earn, you’re most likely involved in a pyramid scheme.


Selling can make you a millionaire and network marketing makes it easier to earn through group overrides, rebates and bonuses. Network marketing is an awesome way to make money if you know how to do it right. Finally, the path taken by long-term successful network marketers is one that focuses more on product movement rather than recruitment.

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