5 Tips on How to Minimize Objections

Just received a poll question in Facebook a few minutes ago and the poll’s question was “Can Objection be Minimized?” I answered “Yes” and then thought of writing this blog post to share with you how.

People object to different things all the time but before we discuss how we can minimize those when we make our sales pitch we must first understand why people object. Imagine this scenario…

Boy meets girl for the first time. Boy asks for her name. Girl gives it. Boy feels good about the short conversation and asks for a kiss. You know what happens next, the girl objects. But what is more interesting is that some of you may even object to my conclusion in this scenario. Perhaps, some would say, it really depends on the type of girl.

So, why do people object? First, they’re not ready. Did you spot the second one? The second one is based on my assumption that some might even object to the above scenario and that is people object because they have a different worldview. Now that we know the basics of why people object, I think it’s time for us to check out a few methods to minimize them.

Build trust and rapport – best friends object less to each other because they trust each other so well and they have built a relationship of mutual understanding (rapport) between them.

Identify the person’s worldview – no one likes someone telling them that what they believe in is wrong so don’t. It’s the probably the worst thing you can do in building your relationship. Instead, identify the person’s worldview and look for any common ground then work from there. There will always be common ground.

Flow with the river but take control of the boat – people like people who agree with them so it’s best that you agree with the person you’re talking to but at the same time also slowly taking control of the conversation and bringing him or her closer to you. Note that this may backfire if done wrong – that is your prospect taking control of the conversation instead of you.

Be genuine – we humans have the natural instinct to identify genuine people from the phoney ones. If you’ve come across dishonest people at least once in your life then you know exactly what I mean.

Break it gently – convincing a person to agree with you (whether it’s to buy your product, fill up a form or get out on a date) is like courting a lady. You just have to break it to her gently otherwise she will back off. The good news is that if you’ve done all previous steps then closing the deal won’t be hard at all. It will come naturally.

There you go. My five tips to minimizing objection. Don’t forget to post your comment and share this with your friends.



2 thoughts on “5 Tips on How to Minimize Objections

  1. Edison says:

    Nice post Mike! I like the content

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