Happy Feet: Why Different is Good

In a world of monkey-see monkey-do, being the odd person in the crowd has always been seen as well, odd. Almost no-one wants to wear pink in a crowd that wears black and white. Those who do are called eccentric and that almost never translates to good.

Bad news if you’re not the type that goes for different – in today’s world (and perhaps even before’s world), it’s the only way to stand out. Good news is that it always works!

Welcome to the sixth and last part of this week’s series called Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons. I sure hope that you’ve learned enough to discover yourself and the people around you. May this discovery, this new understanding, lead you and your business into a better future.

So, what’s good in being different? Before we continue, I’d like to warn you that being different may not be the most comfortable thing for you to do. However, if you want to be successful, it might be your only way.

Mumble is different from his kind. The other penguins sing, he dances. But his difference from the rest does not end there. In fact, it only points out that he’s different from the beginning. Other penguins go surf the wave, he swims against the odds. They have faith, he has vision. They believe, he wants to know more. Mumble is the type of person that brings dictators to their knees. He’s the kind that never quits. He sees what’s beyond the horizon. He’s different. He’s the hero.

My friend, that’s what being different really means. Different is not just standing out from the crowd (and being buried afterwards, nowhere to be found). Different is not doing what others do. Different is climbing the mountain when everyone says it’s impossible. We who are different take risks when nobody else would.

If you want to be the purple cow then you have to be the purple cow from within, from the very marrow of your bones or you won’t last long.

But why is different good? Because different is what makes great leaders, great inventors, great entrepreneurs, great authors, great architects, great artists, great people. Different is what will make you great. It’s what you want to be if you want to be everything we’ve talked about in the past few days.

Be different. Join the club!


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