Happy Feet: The Great One

Welcome to the fifth of our six-part series on Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons. The big question for today is what do you want to be? Do you want to be good or be great?

Mumble, our main protagonist in the movie Happy Feet is someone I would call great and he became great solving the problem of not just his family but of his entire kind. In the process of doing so, he experienced being ridiculed, looked down upon and even called an abomination by the very people he is trying to help.

But what makes a person great? Different people have different definitions of what greatness is. Some relate greatness with power – I don’t. I think greatness is about being able to enlarge your circle of influence by genuinely helping others.

Think of it this way:

  • The selfish helps no one but himself
  • The average helps his family
  • The leader helps his community
  • The great helps everybody else

Furthermore, the great one never considers greatness as his ultimate goal. It is not important to him whether he’ll be great or not. Instead, what matters to him is finding a solution to the problem at hand. This is what makes him great.

Now, that said, what kind of person do you think are you? How far are you from being great? Are you focused more on making money instead of genuinely providing a working solution to your niche?

Greatness can be achieved in many ways and in many different areas in your life and your business. First you must accept that you cannot be great in everything. Instead focus on your resources and think how you can use them to help others. Also know that making money does not lessen your greatness in any way so don’t feel bad if you charge people for your services.

So go now and be a great blogger, great marketer, great businessman, great leader, great inventor, great singer or whatever great you want to be. Go and be the great one!


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