Happy Feet: A Band that Follows

Welcome to the third of our six-part series on Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons. In this chapter, we’re going to identify the band of people that always follow you wherever you go. They’re your friends, fiercely loyal to you and they’ll follow you wherever you go.

In the movie Happy Feet, Mumble meets a group of five small penguins that call themselves the “Amigos”. They treated Mumble as their friend and will follow him wherever he will go, well almost.

The Amigos are Mumble’s loyal friends and they’re very supportive of his vision even though they don’t seem to totally understand what his vision is. In Mumble’s quest to find out where all the fish are going, they eventually end up on a cliff with a view of the fishing vessels in the sea. Mumble jumps off the cliff into the sea but they don’t.

We all have friends, some of which are very loyal to us and supportive of our dreams. Once more they give us strength and are willing to go “almost” anywhere to help us pursue our goals. Yes, “almost”.

The main purpose of this blog post is to open up your eyes to the fact that your friends, no matter how close to you, will never follow you everywhere. Only you can jump off that cliff that will bring you closer to your goal. This doesn’t mean that they’re not loyal because they are 100% loyal and that can never be doubted so don’t feel bad if they don’t jump with you over the cliff.

Accept the fact that you can never expect your friends to go with you because only you fully understand the risks and rewards of your endeavors. So enjoy your moments with them while they are still sticking with you. Learn from them and share your knowledge with them. Nurture your relationship with them for as long as you can because they too are a source of your strength.

For sure they’ll wait for you and rejoice with you when you come back – successful or not.


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