Happy Feet: There is Always a Believer

Welcome to the second of a six-part series on Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons. In this article, we will talk about that one person who always believes in you no matter what you go through.

Mumble is the ugly duckling of his kind. He doesn’t know how to sing and all he’s good at is tapping his feet and dancing – something that his community considers as different. Some even think he’s an abomination. But someone believes in him so much he doesn’t care what other penguins say.

It’s his mom.

So here you are. Excited and all pumped up. You meet with your friends and family and tell them about your brand new business idea that’s guaranteed to make you and everyone else in the room a lot of money.

After you so zealously told them about how good it is, you noticed that they were staring at you with doubt in their faces. One of them even starts to chuckle in the corner. You’re embarrassed to the bone you feel like a melting candle.

Then amidst all this embarrassment, someone gently, genuinely and honestly speaks the words, “That’s a good idea. Count me in.” It might be your dad, mom, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, husband, wife, son, daughter, nephew, friend or perhaps even a secret fan.

This person is your believer and YOU ARE HIGHLY ACCOUNTABLE TO HIM or HER.

In my case, my believer is my daughter. I feel so accountable to her that I am actually pushed to turn my vision into reality just because of her. I failed a bunch of times but she’s always there believing. Just like Mumble in the movie Happy Feet, I don’t really care what other people say because I know there’s at least one person believing in me.

My friend, I want you to think and identify who your believer is. It shouldn’t be hard as this is most likely that one person who’s always at your back. Trust me on this, there’s always a believer.


2 thoughts on “Happy Feet: There is Always a Believer

  1. Kheys says:

    I love how genuine this post is. My mom has always been my believer. I’ve attained great things because of her mental, emotional and sometimes financial support.

    P.S. Haven’t watched Happy Feet, yet. Maybe I should.

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