Happy Feet: The Wave and the Surfers

This is the first of six parts of our Happy Feet: Penguin Business Lessons series. I assume that you have already watched the movie by this time. If not, I highly recommend that you do so. Go rent or buy a copy of the DVD, it’s great.

Now, let’s talk about the wave and the surfers. The wave is the world and the surfers are the people in it. The wave rushes to the shore everyday and the surfers ride it. This is the way of the world and we’ve all been used to it. We ride the wave and let the wave take us wherever it wants to take us and it’s fun.

In the movie Happy Feet, the elders guide the community towards surviving through years of tradition where the women go to sea and the men stay at home to protect their eggs. It worked for years and it should work now. The elders don’t believe that there’s a need for change.

One day though the women came back from the sea with very little fish. Obviously there’s a problem but the elders wouldn’t accept it. With faith, they stand strong believing that all will be well next time.

You see, life does not require us to change often. What we’re doing right now is most likely enough to keep us going until our last breathe. As such it is OK to ride the wave and let it take you wherever it takes you but there’s a catch.

We all need to be on the lookout for change. It is hard to change especially when you’re used to what you’re doing. It’s not an easy task but when change is required then change must be made.

I consider business as part of my life. I can’t see it as a separate thing with separate rules. I believe that whatever applies to life applies to my business as well. Most of the time, business stays the same. These are the happiest and most stable moments a businessman can ever think of. But then something changes in the world and so we have to adjust.

So, ride the wave. Be the surfer. Do as the elder tells you. But never, ever to ignore the need of change when the time comes.


2 thoughts on “Happy Feet: The Wave and the Surfers

  1. Thumbs up for the Happy Feet connection! It’s true that if you want more out of life, then you have to become more i.e. change.

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