Manage Your MySQL Database Fast with Adminer

Database management is an integral part of a programmer’s life. Different programmers use different database solutions and management tools. In my case, I use MySQL. Then I use phpMyAdmin Adminer to manage my MySQL databases.

Just heard of Adminer from Erwin, one of our developers in WishList Products last Saturday. It’s been around for quite some time already, it’s just that I haven’t heard about it before. I took a quick look at it and I became a convert.

From phpMyAdmin to Adminer

Don’t get me wrong, phpMyAdmin is a powerful tool and I haven’t had any complaints with it. It’s awesome and does its job well. The main reason that I switched over to Adminer is its simplicity both in interface and installation.

One File to Rule it All – The entire Adminer system is contained in just one file making it easy to deploy on any server that supports PHP.  Just drop the file and point your browser to the right URL and you’re done. Adminer will ask for your connection information and you’re on your way. This contrasts a lot with phpMyAdmin which is composed of a lot of files. One would argue that uploading phpMyAdmin to any PHP-supporting-server will work just as well and it’s true. But it’s just easier to upload just one file.

Simplicity Rocks – The whole interface of Adminer is just so simple I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It’s not fancy at all. Just in case you don’t like how it looks, the guys at Adminer also provided with alternative CSS files to skin your interface.  Awesome huh?

Manage at the Speed of Light – I couldn’t believe at how fast Adminer runs. It loads instantly on my local server and less than a second remotely. phpMyAdmin on the other hand takes longer – no need to say that but I just did.


As if that’s not good enough, Adminer also has a WordPress plugin that you can install allowing you to manage your database straight from within WordPress. No need to log on to cPanel for phpMyAdmin anymore. Again, there’s a phpMyAdmin plugin for WordPress too but it’s just too cumbersome to work with from within the WordPress UI.

But what there’s more!!! Adminer also supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and Oracle. Nice huh?

That’s all I can say for now but something inside me tells me that I haven’t seen it all yet. This is one tool that coders like me will definitely love! Give it a try and let us know how it goes by posting your comment below.

9 thoughts on “Manage Your MySQL Database Fast with Adminer

  1. hello sir,

    i am just wondering if you are earning money from this blog?

    i’ve been a subscriber for more than a year and i noticed that you are running contests from time to time with cool prices


  2. its a promising tool, light and handy;
    but I think it is still a young webapp;
    but no doubt I’ll be using this tool
    thanks for the valuable information Mike

  3. Jakub Vrana says:

    I’m glad that you are satisfied with Adminer. There’s also a page comparing phpMyAdmin and Adminer:

    [2] I wouldn’t say that 3,5 years is a young age for a web application. For example Twitter is only 1 year older.

    • Mike Lopez says:

      Wow! Never thought I’d be getting a comment from one of the guys at adminer! Thanks Jakub. Re, age of the application, fair enough… 3.5 years is indeed not young. Honestly though, I really love it!

  4. would you mind to write a post on how you do it?

    anyway, it’s really a nice blog.

    most of the time I don’t need to visit it because I’m receiving the updates via mail

    thanks and wish you continued success :-)

  5. Mike Lopez says:

    @love is paris – how i do what? are you referring to installing it? If so, you can just go and download XAMPP and drop adminer in the XAMPP htdocs folder.

  6. nope. i meant how do you earn money from this blog? cuz I checked and there is no page rank

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