Breaking the Rules Can be Good

Breaking the rules is bad… or is it?

Here’s another blog post inspired by driving. You never know what kind of ideas come up when I’m stuck in heavy traffic. So, I pulled out my cellphone and turned on the voice recorder to save the idea of that particular moment. A few sentences spoken to the cellphone resulted to this blog post.

Back to the topic. Is breaking the rules bad? The answer depends on why you broke the rules. Philippine highways have what we call the “Yellow Lane”.  Private vehicles are not allowed to pass through this lane because the dreaded Yellow Lane is only for public vehicles like buses, cabs and jeepneys.

Stuck in traffic in the “fast lane”, I noticed that the vehicles in the slow lane are actually travelling faster. So I switched lanes. However, in certain sections of the highway, I noticed that the yellow lane was the fastest lane. The naughtiness inside me made its way to my head and I decided to break the rule.

Nothing bad happened, I didn’t get apprehended. In fact, a few other brave private vehicle drivers followed me (talk about leading the way, huh?)

What I did was BAD. No question about that so don’t do it. But there’s something in this experience that I want to apply in life and business. Something that you might just need.

Sometimes, we set “rules” for ourselves to follow. These rules that we impose on ourselves have the purpose of guiding us in our journey to success and keeping us on track.  Rules such us “no work on Sunday” and “No watching movies until I finish this project” are some. I’m sure you have some of your own too and you probably feel bad if you break them.

But sometimes you just have to break the rule. Just sometimes. Tell you what, I don’t know how many rules you have imposed on yourself or how bad you feel when you break them, but please listen to this. These rules are meant to guide us in life, not to lock ourselves in. The moment you feel locked by these rules then there’s something wrong.

Warning: Don’t get in the habit of breaking the rules. That’s why I said “sometimes”. Rules are good and we need them. Otherwise, we won’t have any direction in life and we will end in chaos.

So, when should you break the rules? When all options are exhausted and you couldn’t think of anything else but to break the rule. If you’re in a dire situation like this then it’s time. Do it fast, get done with it, then uphold the rule once more.

Post a comment below and tell us what you think about this.


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules Can be Good

  1. Mark Kevin Lee says:

    nice post inspired me alot

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