The Fast Lane Myth

It’s been said that the fastest way to your destination is the the so-called Fast Lane. This term has been used a lot in business and there’s truth in it. No, it’s not a myth at all but it’s not entirely correct either. The so-called fast lane is not always the fast lane and I know this by experience.

The idea for this blog post came up while I was driving to Makati City, Philippines to meet Tracy and the other WishList Member developers. Tracy’s brother JJ Childers told me that Philippine drivers are a lot like New York drivers – whizzing from one lane to the other trying to find the best lane to go through. I’m not sure how it goes in other countries but here in the Philippines, the standard “Fast Lane” is the innermost lane and the “Slow Lane” is the outermost lane.

And so I drove, on the fast lane until I noticed that the cars in the Slow Lane are actually travelling faster than me. I am already a bit late for my appointment so I switched lanes and moved to the “Slow Lane” and travelled faster. This I believe is also true in other parts of life but since this blog talks about making money through different means, I’m inclined to take the analogy and use it for business.

Business they say is the fastest way out of debt. It’s the fastest way to make you rich and the fastest way to reach your dreams. But is it? I checked out my list of friends and realized that many of them tried business and failed. Some because they don’t have enough knowledge but most because they don’t have enough “financial backup” when they started. Running a business is not easy and you’ll every resource you can use to get there.

Here’s what I think. Sometimes, you need to work (i.e. get a job) and raise enough money to get the ball rolling. Working for someone else is often called the slow lane in the financial world but sometimes you just have to switch lanes if you want to get there faster. Once you have enough money to back you up in your business then it’s time to switch lanes again.

I guess, in the end, that there is really no fixed fast or slow lane. It changes along with time and you have to observe and make the necessary adjustments to get your goal really fast. To determine whether you’re in the real fast lane or not, just ask yourself this question… “Am I getting there?” If your answer is NO then you need to observe the road and switch lanes.


5 thoughts on “The Fast Lane Myth

  1. Jerry Papa says:

    In reality that’s true, we often to see business as way out of where you are now but there is something beyond what we see. like a car that moves, it also need gasoline. for sure if you run out of gas, no matter how eager you want to move, you probably stock up. so in this we need a sustainable source for us to move. like they say it is easy to travel if you are complete in accessories…

  2. Mike Lopez says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Yep, it’s hard to go anywhere without gas…

    – Mike

  3. Ivan Walsh says:

    Nice post, Mike,

    One thought is to look at ways that have long term value. For example, I’ve slowed down the number of posts on my site BUT have made a commitment to better, more useful material.

    It’s really a case of the rabbit and the tortoise. I’m more of a tortoise these days :)


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