People Want the Experience

What do you have to offer?

Most would reply with a list of features and bombard me with why their offer is the best whenever I ask this question. And most of the time, I’d turn them down. I turn them down not because their offer is not good but because I feel they didn’t answer my question.

You see, while there are people who base their purchase on a feature list, the majority are persuaded by their feelings. The real thing that we buy is the experience, the good feeling that they have when they pay for it. This is the exact same reason why there are people who prefer the iPhone over other phones. Not because iPhone is better but because it feels good to have an iPhone.

I just had a discussion with Stu McLaren a few days ago about user experience. At WishList Member, our goal is not just to make our products better but also to give our customers a good experience and so we are working hard to make that a reality – from the moment someone visits our website to the moment they become our customer and beyond.

By this point, I’d want you to think and ask yourself – What kind of experience are you giving your customers / blog readers? If it’s a good experience then you’re on the right track. If not, then you need to work on improving that user experience.


4 thoughts on “People Want the Experience

  1. Jerry Papa says:

    sometimes we have to see beyond our eyesight. there is more than what have seen by our naked eye. the experience you feel is when you can let him be on the situation while he is reading it. a virtual realisation of what he is reading or getting. sometimes we don’t have that feeling that’s why sometimes it is just an ordinary thing to them. I admit I must developed more of this that’s why I love to read and shared. thanks to you I got a lot of pointers..

  2. jocelyn says:

    Satisfaction, even it is difficult to give our customers the level of satisfaction they need, sometimes when they said “LAMI ito” (in bisaya) I would feel okay and the next thing that I think, what would be the next step to keep that taste of the food we are offering the same as always. I moved here in Davao and become my sister’s partner in food business and everyday we are learning different things because of different markets we have here.

  3. Yeah it’s spot on that people like the experience. I would consider myself fairly techy but even on my daily sites like Facebook and Gmail I’d say I’d be lucky if I use 10% of the features available to me.

  4. Mike Lopez says:

    @Jerry – There’s always room for improvement. Just always keep in mind that people care more about what they feel than what see.

    @Jocelyn – I have to say that food has its magic. You’re in the right track I have to say if you keep on thinking of ways to improve not just the taste of the food but also the experience of your clients. You may want to look into improving the ambiance of your place and the method of serving the food as well.

    @Niall – funny you had to mention Gmail because I was just using Gmail a while ago and noted how happy I am with it. I am a Gmail “power user” using shortcuts, filters and all. I switched to it a long time ago not because of the features but because it made life easier for me – therefore a good experience.

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