Complaining Gets You Nowhere

I hope you’re not the type of person who complains a lot because that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Even so, I ask you to read on – whether you complain a lot or not – it might just help.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing this blog post is because I met a friend today who complains a lot and I mean A LOT! She complains about how unfair life is, about her work, about how she wants to get out of poverty but also about how hard it is to do that. She complains about how slow she moves and about how many opportunities she didn’t grab. But here’s the best part… Ready???

She complains about how other people are not helping her with her dreams!

OK, I know we ought to help each other but I don’t think it’s right in any way to complain when someone’s not helping you out especially when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. Don’t get me wrong here. Complaining is normal. It’s a complaining A LOT that’s not. I mean, I do complain about a few things but most of the time I just either accept things the way they are or do something about it.

Complaining won’t get you, me or anybody else anywhere. It’s a waste of time and energy. Instead of complaining, here are some things I suggest:

  1. Determine if the situation you’re complaining about can be fixed or not
  2. If you think it can be fixed then think how you can “fix” it
  3. Try to get other people to help you fix the problem but don’t complain to them and worst, don’t complain if they turn you down
  4. If you can’t fix the problem then let go with it and to learn accept life as it is

Then lastly, learn to find…

  • the Serenity to Accept the things you cannot change
  • the Courage to Change the things you can, and
  • the Wisdom to Know the difference

Remember, complaining will get you nowhere except to more complaining.


8 thoughts on “Complaining Gets You Nowhere

  1. c5 says:

    I’ve always lived by not crying over spilled milk. :)

  2. Jerry Papa says:

    You are the architect of your life, what ever happens to you is your choice, and complaining a lot make you a lousy architect. it said it is easy for others to help you if you help your self. you are right complaining is normal but a lot is annoying. we must look for solutions not the problems. a forest fire will not end up if we just complained, try to realized who, what, when and how and you will not complain a lot.

    • Mike Lopez says:

      @Jerry – I think what a lot of people tend to miss is the fact that they have near full control of their own lives. As such, they end up blaming others for their miseries. Buy you hit the nail right on its head – we are indeed the architect of our own lives.

  3. Complaining will not help in fulfilling the dreams’ instead focus on what one want in life..We really are the architect of our life, the law of attraction is always working and we can never escape..everything that comes to our life are being attracted by us and we can dictate exactly what we want to came into our life…just like you did classmate… good pm classmate.

  4. A true leader is one who takes his problems and work to find a solution and use it to his advantage.

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