You Will FAIL if You Do Not Do This

Ever wondered what you did wrong? Have you ever asked yourself if you there’s something that you missed which threw you into miserable failure? Oh yes, we’ve all been there – at that point when you sit on our chair trying to comprehend what went wrong, why you failed.

You plan, you plan hard, so hard that you stay awake all night trying to figure out all the possibilities. In the morning, you drink a cup of coffee, review your plan and everything seems to be fine. You excitedly show it to your special someone. He or she either admires you or just ignores. Either way, you’re sure that you’ve finally figured it out.

You try to go and get some rest. After all, it’s morning and you haven’t event slept yet – but you can’t! You’re just to excited! Your body wants to rest but your brain is just so fired up you can’t sleep. So you take a look at your plan again, modify it a bit here and there, polish it and end up with something even better.

“This should work.  This WILL work!” you tell yourself.

You fall asleep…

You awake the next day. Your “perfect plan” staring you in the face waiting for you to execute everything you’ve put in it. All the steps, the entire process that you’ve devised the day before are waiting for you to take action. You look at it. In fact, you look at it so long that you assure yourself once more that it will work. Your plan will work, it must!

However, somehow you don’t feel that excited anymore. So you procrastinate. You postpone your plan and do something else. You go back to your routine and tell yourself that you deserve some rest. So you rest, you rest a lot and enjoy a lot. You do a lot of things that you have always been doing, things that you’re comfortable with.

Another day passes, then a week, then a month…

Your plan, written on paper or typed on your computer gets forgotten. Then after a while you ask yourself why you’re still stuck in the same situation as before. The very situation that you’ve wanted to get rid of.

So you start all over again, with a plan…

STOP! Don’t end up in that never ending cycle of planning and procrastination. It won’t work. It never worked!

You need to TAKE ACTION. You planned, yes that’s great and that’s necessary. But what’s even more necessary is for you to take that step, get out of that comfort zone and execute that plan of yours. Do it NOW! Not next month or next week. Not tomorrow! Not even a second later. You have to execute that plan RIGHT NOW!

‘Nuf said!


2 thoughts on “You Will FAIL if You Do Not Do This

  1. Jerry Papa says:

    That’s true sometimes, we are so eager to do it but as the moment laps the excitement wear off. that is because we didn’t put our heart on it, we just plan and use our brain but not our soul. yes sometimes we open tell to our self, I made a plan and it will work but like what have you said, if we didn’t act on it, it’s nothing and the prostration get even bigger. In everything we do, we just let God handle it and yes you have to take a rest for our body is not a machine that can work 24/7. the key is budget your time for you to do all the things you plan.

  2. Mike Lopez says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Yes, frustration grows really fast with each passing time. The longer you wait to take action, the more frustrated you end up and there’s no one to blame but you.

    – Mike

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