4 People who Inspire my Blogging

People inspire people and that’s very important in blogging – whether you’re just getting started in blogging or already into it for a long time. Just like you, I have my inspirations too and besides my family who always are and will always be my day-to-day inspiration in everything that I do, I have 4 other people who help light my path towards success.

These people have contributed one way or another with my blogging, career and personality.

First, there’s Tracy Childers. Tracy was my boss and now my friend and business partner. I screwed up twice but somehow he chooses to stick his neck out for me. Threw him I learned the value of “Risk and Reward” and the importance of having to “Focus” your energy on what matters most.

Tracy’s the one who started calling me Jedi, Neo and Superman because of my programming skills which for some reason he is very happy about. Well, if I’m Neo, he’s definitely Morpheus!

Next is Stu McLaren also known as the “My Idea Guy”. Like Tracy, he once was my boss and now my friend and business partner as well. Tracy introduced me to him for a small project back then which now is now known as WishList Member. Of the two times that Tracy stuck his neck out for me, one was actually with this guy. He taught me the value of “Trust” and “Doing Your Part”. He thinks of business partners as pieces of the same puzzle. You just need to know where you fit in and do what you do well.

Stu and Tracy are the founders of WishList Products and have so kindly added me in as the third partner of this amazing company.

Third would be Robert Plank. I’ve met Robert only once when I was in Las Vegas for WishList Live. We did not talk much but I tell you, once you see this guy, it’s hard to get him out of your mind. With the way he “rocks the house”, he’s just someone you won’t forget. The reason why he inspires me is because he is like me – a programmer and internet marketer. Reading his blog once, I realized that programming and internet marketing can actually be fused together so that one complements the other.

While we may have different goals in life, I’d have to say that he’s been down the path that I’m taking right now.

Last but not the least is the ever popular Darren Rowse. We haven’t met (yet) and I don’t think he even knows me (looking forward to that part in the future). Darren I guess would be the iconic image of pro-blogging in the whole wide world. The reason he makes this list amidst all other pro-bloggers is because he’s making money with his blog but still manages to maintain and put in front that passion of telling the world something important.

I’m looking forward to writing a guest post for his blog.

But it doesn’t end there. While these four people inspire me a lot, there’s one more person that pushes me onward, and that my dear reader is YOU. All you people who read this blog are a great source of inspiration to me. Knowing that each blog post I write is helping people out there just gives me the energy to write for more.

It’s because of you that I decided to change my focus from making money through this site towards something more important – helping you with whatever knowledge I have. It’s no longer what I want but what you want that it’s important and because of that I’m actually looking forward towards meeting you, whoever you are, in person in the future.

Having inspirations in the things that you do is important – I don’t think I can stress that enough. It drives you to move onwards. It somehow empowers you to keep doing what you’re doing no matter how hard it is. If you don’t have an inspiration then I think that you have to stop and ask yourself why.

So, who and what inspires you to do what you’re doing?


2 thoughts on “4 People who Inspire my Blogging

  1. Gilbey says:

    Hey mike,

    Thanks for introducing these people to your blog, no wonder you created such a nice blog and a good content because of these awesome circle of friends you have….It would be nice to learn from these people as well!

    Gilbey Aguirre

  2. Mike Lopez says:

    @Gilbey – you can always follow their blogs.

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