Enhance Blogging with WordPress Plugins

Plugins are now an integral part of just about any WordPress site. It’ll be very seldom for anyone to come across a WordPress powered site that does not use at least one plugin. In fact, most sites I’ve seen have 10 or more WordPress blogging plugins that enhances their blog.

But first, what are plugins?  Here’s a quick definition from WordPress itself.

A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog, which can be seamlessly integrated with the weblog using access points and methods provided by the WordPress Plugin Application Program Interface (API).

Ok, I know, that sounds geeky so here’s my definition of it.

A WordPress Plugin is a PHP program that adds cool functionalities to your WordPress powered blog. (definition by Mike Lopez)

Ever wished WordPress something that it didn’t do? Go check if there’s a plugin for that by logging on to your WordPress Admin. Then go to Plugins -> Add New. From there, you can search for the plugin that you want.

But what plugins must you install? Well, it’s really your choice but here’s my list of plugins that I use on this site.

  1. Akismet – for handling comment spam
  2. All in One SEO Pack – for ranking well in the search engines
  3. Evermore – for automatically inserting the more tag at the right place
  4. Exclude Pages from Navigation – to hide some pages from the navigation
  5. FeedBurner FeedSmith – to automatically redirect my RSS feed to FeedBurner
  6. Google XML Sitemaps – to generate my sitemap for the search engines
  7. Lightbox 2 – to open enlarged version of images in a lightbox
  8. One Social – to make it easier for readers to share my blog posts to social networking sites
  9. QR Code Tag – to generate the Quick Response Code tag for mobile phones
  10. Redirection – for my URL redirection needs
  11. Text Link Ads – to display ads from Text Link Ads
  12. The Permalinker – to easily insert permalinks in blog posts
  13. WordPress Mobile Pack – to make this site mobile compatible

What about you? What plugins do you use?


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