Think Smart Work Smart

Are you smart enough?

In a world where the majority are trained brainwashed to think hard and work hard, it is hard to imagine why so many out there fail in being productive with whatever they’re doing. After all, shouldn’t the chap who thinks hard and works hard be the one to earn more? But it doesn’t seem to be so in the real world and that’s because you have to think smart and work smart.

Think Smart

I have two daughters in grade school and I often tell them to think, think, think whenever they’re doing their homeworks. After a while, I found out that no matter how hard they think, they can never come up with the solution to whatever problem they’re solving.

And so I paused for a while and analysed the situation. It was then that I found out that I’m not guiding them properly.

I was training them to think hard without even guiding them on how to think at all! I know that sounds crazy. Who after all does not know how to think?  We all know how to think just as we all know how to drink but some drink messily while others don’t. In other words, there are more efficient ways of doing things.

Today, instead of just thinking hard, I taught my kids to analyse the problem and come up with a solution in a systematic manner instead.

Work Smart

The harder you work, the more money you make. While it is true to some extent, it’s not necessarily the best way to work. Working hard is good but you can be a lot more productive if you work smart. There’s a reason why smart people stay on top of the hardworking people.

The smart worker knows and understands the power of leverage. He uses it to his advantage. He makes use of his time wisely and makes use of other people’s time as well. He knows how to employ his own money to make him more money. He doesn’t work for money. Instead, his work is focused on making all of his resources work for him.

In the end, the smart worker does not need to work as much as the hard worker but still makes more money.

What About You?

Are you smart? Do you think and work smart? How do you think can you improve even more and become a smarter person?

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One thought on “Think Smart Work Smart

  1. […] Think and plan ahead on the things that you want to do and envision the results before you even do them. Visualize the things that you want to achieve and do them. Now, I don’t want you to come up with wishful thinking here. Instead, come up with a workable solution to the problem that you want to solve. Do you want to make money? Think of the steps that you need to do in order to achieve that. […]

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