Don’t Sell to Increase Sales

Did you already know that the most successful marketers don’t sell too much? I know it sounds crazy but that’s true for many, if not all, A-class marketers out there. Are you in for their secret?

Instead of focusing on selling, the really good marketers focus on building relationships with their prospective clients. Instead of pitching their product, they build trust. I know this is hard to do if you are still to make your first sale and I understand that feeling of success when you close your first deal. But what comes after that?

If you want to become a successful marketer then you need to build your foundations correctly. If you don’t start it right then you won’t last long and you’ll end up being burnt out trying to sell your product to every person you know. After that comes the part when people begin to avoid you and worst even hate you.

What you’ll need to do is build genuine trust with everybody you know. After that, start making new friends and again, build genuine trust them. It’s not a coincidence that really good marketers are often the friendliest people you know. If you’re not a natural “friend-maker” then you need to change your attitude and start becoming one if you want to become a successful marketer.

Nurture that relationship between you and your client and before you know, they’ll be begging you to sell them your products. But even if that moment comes, don’t be over-excited. Instead, offer them what you have and be honest about it. Don’t sell them anything they don’t need and don’t over-promise or otherwise you’ll break that relationship you took so long to build.

I know it takes time but it’s always worth the wait!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Sell to Increase Sales

  1. As somebody who spends most of my time selling I really do have to totally agree with this post. If you come in with the hard sell the chances are that people are going to get annoyed with you and mostly ignore you. Build up your network especially by helping others and putting them first will always bring sales back to you in a round about way!

    • Mike Lopez says:

      @Niall – your comment reminded me of the banner ads of old. They worked for some time until people the time it became annoying and then people started to ignore them.

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