Too Much Analysis Leads to Paralysis

Are you locked in analysis mode?

Being analytical is a good thing. In fact, the greatest people in the world often analyse things before they decide on doing something. Analysis is a very important step when making decisions in life whether it be for business or not. But as the saying goes, “too much of anything is not good”.

I know of a newly wed couple about 10 years ago who decided to buy their first microwave oven. So they went out in search for one that would fit their needs. In the appliance center, there were presented with a vast array of microwave ovens to choose from.

In about half an hour, the husband already decided on what he thinks they should buy so he went over to his wife to tell her. The wife on the other hand was still comparing different brands and different features.

Were they both analytical? Oh, for sure!

So, what happened? You won’t believe this. The couple agreed on which microwave oven to buy but not until FOUR YEARS LATER!

You might have guessed it already but just to make it clear, the wife analysed too much that they ended up not buying a microwave oven on their first visit, second visit, third visit and so on. God knows how many times they had to visit the store before the wife finally made her choice.

And the husband was just happy she did!

Too much analysis leads to paralysis and it’s the most common aspect that slows down progress in many aspects of our lives. It can prolong decision making so much to an extent that the decision is no longer relevant by the time it’s made.

What about you? Are you locked in analysis mode? Is too much analysis paralyzing your decision making?

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4 thoughts on “Too Much Analysis Leads to Paralysis

  1. Gilbey says:

    You just made a good point, i often find myself to be analytical not until I’ve learned to take action instead of wasting every single opportunity and take necessary adjustment if it doesn’t work….

    thanks for sharing mike!

  2. Mike Lopez says:

    You see, the problem with too much analysis is that it wastes a lot of resources – time, money and as you mentioned opportunity. While it’s true that analysis saves money, I’d still say that more money is wasted is analysis is taken to extremes.

  3. This is a very true post. In fact, I apply it to women. The more thinking I do, the less women I meet. The less thinking I do, the more women I meet.

    You would think it’s the opposite but it is not so. :)

  4. Mike Lopez says:

    LOL, that’s funny.

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