On Risks and Rewards

There are risks everywhere and the same is true for rewards. Some rewards are easy to get and require relatively little or no risk at all. However, the biggest rewards often require huge risks and that’s where the greatest people shine.

They are willing to take bigger risks than the majority of the population.

Life itself is a risky business but you go on with it because you know there’s something better ahead of you. If you begin to think of your business as an integral part of your life instead of just a money-making scheme to support your financial needs, then you will begin to understand that taking risks is something you could not must not avoid.

My friend Tracy Childers told me the best lesson ever on risk and reward. He pointed basically that the risk taken by the boss and his employee correlates to the income that they make. The boss takes more risk than the employee and so deserves to make more money.

However, keep in mind that taking risks is not the same as gambling. A good businessman only takes the risks that he knows will result to great rewards. Imagine a skydiver jumping out of the plane. The skydiver gets the reward of enjoying the dive, an unforgettable experience which I’ve been told is something you’d want over and over again.

However, the skydiver does not jump out of the plane without knowing the risks involved. He calculates it and determines that the probability of success is greater than the risk itself and so goes ahead.

If you want to be successful in life then you must learn to take risks. Otherwise you’ll be stuck exactly where you are right now and not make any progress.

So, what kind of risks are you taking right now?


2 thoughts on “On Risks and Rewards

  1. jocelyn says:

    The risk of leaving my job, as a government employee, moved and live in Davao, and start a new business, different from being an office clerk, and become a canteen operator.

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