Tell Me, What Do You Want?

Is a good comment worth $25?

Well, I think it is! Quick Money for you at the End of this Post so read on!

I’ve said this a lot of times before I’ll say it again – I’ve been blogging for years. But it was not until recently that I’ve decided on the actual direction that I wanted to take in terms of blogging. Here’s a general overview.

  1. 6 blog posts per week (Monday to Saturday). I’ve failed again and again on this until I discovered the secret to managing my blogging time.
  2. Stop caring about AdSense and focus on the user experience. I will still keep AdSense ads but no longer in the main column of my blog.
  3. Help the small business person to improve with whatever knowledge I’ve acquired through experience.
  4. Use my programming skills to help people by providing them useful scripts.
  5. Make more friends instead of followers.

Shouldn’t be that hard, right?  Well, if you’ve got a clear direction, everything just gets easier.

Now, based on what I just listed above, what do you want me to blog about? What kind of things would you like to see on this blog? I’d love to know what you have in mind so I’m asking you to tell me through this blog post’s comment section.

As an added bonus, I’ll send 25 US Dollars via PayPal on February 2, 2011 to each of what I think are the best 3 commenters for this post, cool?

Important: Comments on this post will be closed after February 2 so comment now!


20 thoughts on “Tell Me, What Do You Want?

  1. Stu McLaren says:

    I’m hoping I can score one of those PayPal payments… wait a minute, does that get split 3 ways? LOL ;)

    I’d love you to blog about how a beginner coder can improve to “Neo status”.

    You’re a super talented, self-taught programmer.

    So my questions are…

    How do you continuously improve your coding skills?

    What should a beginner start doing?

    What are your tips, tricks and secrets to quickly finding and solving bugs?

    How much does “design” play a factor when you are creating new scripts/plugins/programs etc.?

  2. Gilbey says:

    For me i like you to blog about your programing skills for that is your expertise where you can share a lot of useful tips to amateur programmers but first let your readers know the importance of having the skills and the impact to their Online Marketing Venture.

    Many newbie online marketers who doesn’t have that kind of gift you have, and besides of having more confidence in that niche its a new concept to integrate online marketing and programming at the same time..

  3. c5 says:

    How about explaining some scripts that will make a non-coder understand why they are, that can help in editing wordpress themes so we can somehow have a different/unique look even if we depend on free themes?

  4. Jerry Papa says:

    It help a lot of people searching for an answer to their questions. for me I find it like a suggestion box that give us everything that we have to know about the world we live in. network world. It is not easy for you to give it away just like that but you did it. and you have blessed because you are not selfish. I thank GOD for allowing a person like you to help others, and I mentor you for that. I am saying this not just to get what you posted but because this is what I really feel. even without that I still say it anyway. “Your Blog is like a teacher that help me to grow”. Thanks a lot this words is not enough but at least it give you something just like what your latest blog is reminisce encouragement for it is like a gas that will push you to give more. I don’t go by formats but at least I hope this view of mine can be of help too.

  5. Mike Lopez says:

    @c5 – will certainly look into it.

    @jerry – thanks for the kind words. It makes me feel good knowing that I am helping people like you with my blog.

  6. I think it would be interesting to hear from a programmers prospective when accepting a project for a client what kind of information do you require to do the project? I know many people fail at outsourcing a project for programming because they may know the buzz words but the don’t know what concepts or ideas to submit.

  7. John Morris says:

    Show me the money! :)

    I think it’d be cool for you to blog about the story behind how you originally created WLM. Both in a story format covering the personal side (i.e. any adversity you faced, dealing with it, etc.) and also the coding side… how you set up the initial design and some of the code.

    I think that’d be cool to go behind the scenes with you.

  8. David Nikel says:

    Hi Mike! I enjoyed reading your blogging time management post. That’s just the kind of post I’d like to read more of, perhaps more about how you manage the various projects you’re working on. One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of bloggers is they/we talk about our subject matter in great detail, but ignore a lot of periphery subjects which could be interesting!

    I’m a project manager and have recently started blogging about it. I’d love to build up a wider understanding of how others (particularly freelance folk) approach and embrace project management techniques.

  9. Joel Cabarles says:

    Hi Mike, I have been following your blogs about simple things in life that we often neglect to do or follow, but most importantly, I still want you to blog about programming, tips, snippet or whatever that can help us to build or maintain our applications in a good condition and simplify our daily programming jobs.

  10. jocelyn says:

    Good morning Mike.
    I really like you blogs, they are simple and easy to understand. I’ve tried making my blog at WordPress, not regularly doing it because of my present job. How I wish I could do the things same as yours. I do want you to share about the networking tips, help the small business person to improve with whatever knowledge you’ve acquired through your experience. Another thing is about social networking, how to earn from this because a lot of people go to the site like FB and Twitter, using their precious time.
    The third would be blog about how to make my own website, using Joomla, I hope you can share tips about this.

    • Mike Lopez says:

      Thanks for your feedback Jocelyn. I’m not sure about Joomla though. I haven’t been using it for a long time and I don’t think I have enough knowledge using it that I can share with you guys. I will however speak about WordPress a lot in the coming days. And yes, I’ll certainly share all knowledge I’ve acquired through experience.

  11. jocelyn says:

    Sharing your knowledge about -WordPress- would be great. Thank you Mike.

  12. Jerry Papa says:


    I was amazed how you give those inputs, I am following it and I have great developments. Thank you is not enough to say to a guy like you. like what the Lord always wants us to do. share your blessing and all this will be given back multiplied by ten. we can be a channel of blessing not just in tern of financial by by giving them hope and advices that can be used to developed themselves. I personally recommend you as one person to be followed. once again thank you very much.

    • Mike Lopez says:

      Hi Jerry, thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate them a lot and yes you are right that we must all share what we have to help others. Also, thanks for recommending me as one person to be followed. Cheers!

  13. The web already have tons of tutorials and technical articles.

    Indeed, what the technology now can do is amazing, but what really is lacking in the Internet is the good old days, and the people who can’t even afford to go online, or the people who doesn’t even know what the Internet is.

    Once, I stumbled in a the “old” blog/website of johnny long, and man I really was impressed with what that guy is doing.

    I also happened to visit the websites of Dr. Patch Adams, and his works, I admire his sincerity and compassion for the people.

    I’m not telling that, one should stop writing technical matters, because I know that it won’t stop–like fluid–technology develops like the second-hand-of-the-clock.

    The readers would also want to read the other side of the blogger’s intellectual personality. We also want to read the the bloggers thoughts, good deeds and works; it would somehow uplift the being of our fellow being. Or inspire others to do the same.

    It’s your blog anyway. Happy blogging. :)

    • Mike Lopez says:

      Hi Romack. You’ve made a really good point there. Now that you’ve said it, I just realized that the world is now filled with so-called “How-to’s” and while it’s good for everyone, people (perhaps myself included) are now starting to lose that “human” touch. I’ve read a few blogs here in there that are just like this – they show their deeds and works. In other words, they show that what they say is what they really do.


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