Why I Don’t Have Another Facebook Profile

It’s been told by many that you should separate your personal stuff from your business in Facebook. I’m not writing this blog post to prove them wrong. Rather I’m writing this to explain why I only have one Facebook profile and keep everything in that one place.

Word of Warning: I am not telling you to do what I do. Do what you think is best for you.

So, let’s move on.

I used to follow the rules – at least two Facebook accounts. One for personal stuff and ramblings and another for business. I tried to keep it that way before until I just got tired and shut down my “business account” and chose to just keep my personal profile.

But why?

I’m a busy person. Being the lead developer of WishList Member, I don’t have enough spare time to maintain more than one face. Heck, even keeping my Facebook profile up to date and my Twitter account active enough to maintain my followers consumes a lot of time that if I maintain another one, it would just make me unproductive.

Well, the main reason (in general) why the experts advise maintaining at least two profiles in Facebook is so that you don’t turn off your clients with your personal ramblings. But that to me is like maintaining two personalities – one for work and one for home and I just find that to be a waste of energy.

Over time I realized that I don’t need two if I know how to keep that one profile right. So I ditched the other profiles (there’s more than 1 other profile) and started experimenting to being me, the one and only me.

And it worked!

But why did it work and how did I make it work?

Simple, don’t ramble too much and don’t be market too much. Instead, stay in between. Ramble just enough to be human and market just enough so as not to be annoying. In the end, the people I deal with in my business end up not just as customers but also as friends! And that’s great!

Yes, I still post pictures of me and my family and it doesn’t bother my clients. On the other end of the rope, I still promote stuff here and there and nobody finds it annoying anymore.

One just have to realize that social networking sites like Facebook is just another media to communicate with people. If you just keep one face in the real world, why maintain two in Facebook?

And that’s why I don’t have another Facebook profile.

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