2 WordPress Plugins for Going Mobile Compatible

I just made this blog easier to read and share on mobile devices last Friday and it was way easier than I thought it would be. A couple of plugins and added a sidebar widget and that’s it! Oh the beauty of WordPress!

But why should I go through all the trouble? More people are using mobile devices nowadays to read blogs and ignoring them is no longer an option. I personally still prefer to read blogs on my computer but that’s because I’m in front of it most of the time. There are people on the other hand who spend most of their time “on-the-go” and so the best way for them to read blogs is through their cellphones.

Ok, so how did I do it?

First, I installed two WordPress plugins from the WordPress plugins repository.

They are:

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack
  2. QR Code Tag

WordPress Mobile Pack would have sufficed but I like the additional flexibility that QR Code Tag gave me.  So, what do they do?

Plugin: WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin is just plain cool and exactly what I needed to make this site mobile compatible. Setting it up was finished in 10 minutes (maybe even less) and now this blog can be viewed easily on any mobile device out there.  And yes, it’s free. It basically converts your theme to a mobile friendly one when viewed from a mobile device (and more)

Plugin: QR Code Tag

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are becoming more and more popular. It’s basically an easy way to encode data into a graphic which a camera phone can then scan and convert back to the original data. Very useful for sharing a link to a mobile device. Just take a photo of it and boom!

The WordPress Mobile Pack has a QR Code include with it too but this particular plugin just allows me to do a lot of things with it like put it in the sidebar, in the text, or even as a tooltip. Cool huh?

Here’s the QR Code for this blog post:

So with two simple plugins, this blog is now accessible to more blog readers all over the world. You should consider it too.

What about you? Is your blog mobile ready? Do you think it’s important to do so?

Share your comments and let us know what you think.


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