7 Steps to Managing Blogging Time

The blogger’s dilemma is the maintenance of his blog especially if the blogger maintains his blog on his own.  With no help around, the blogger struggles to keep is blog updated with new blog posts as often as he could but eventually burns out and just forgets about the blog.

After some time, the blogger looks at his blog again and once more feels the passion to revive it and goes into the same dilemma all over again repeating the same cycle once more.  If this is you then read on.  If not, then still read on and post your comments and suggestions at the end for the poor blogger who is currently in this situation.

Such was my case ever since I started blogging until I realized just this year that a simple trick will help me manage my time correctly and maintain my blog with one blog post per day that I personally write.

The trick was not to write a blog post everyday but just write them once a week.

Doesn’t make sense?  After all, I wanted one blog post per day and I’m telling you to just write once a week.  But the trick is not to write just one blog post on that one week per day that you allocate for blogging.  Instead, write 5 to 10 blog posts and use the scheduling feature provided by WordPress to trickle feed your blog posts to your readers.

How many articles can you write in 3 to 5 hours?  I’m sure you can write at least 5. Perhaps even a lot more.  If that’s the case then your problem is solved.

Here’s what I do every Saturday:

  1. I go to my RSS reader and read what’s new on the blogs that I follow.
  2. Based on whatever inspiration I gathered from my reading, I decide on a topic to write for the week.
  3. I write 5 to 10 possible titles.
  4. I write an article for each title. How many words doesn’t matter as long as it’s useful.
  5. For each article I write, I click “Schedule” instead of “Publish” in WordPress. Here’s how I do that:

    Post Scheduling Step 1

    Post Scheduling Step 2

    Post Scheduling Step 3

  6. Re-read each article I wrote and make corrections if needed.
  7. Have a break and spend the rest of the day with my family.

By doing this 7 simple steps, I am able to keep my blog updated on a daily basis and still have more than enough time to do other things that matter to me and my family. I manage to do all of this in 3 to 5 hours.  Mostly during Saturday mornings.

IMPORTANT: Now there are a couple important things to AVOID and they are:

  1. Don’t pressure yourself with perfecting each blog post.  It’s a blog, not a report or something.
  2. Don’t write too much in advance or you risk writing articles that are no longer relevant when the scheduled time arrives.  This is why I only write enough articles for a week or two.

So, did this help you?  Or perhaps you have something else to add? If so let me know by sharing your comment.

8 thoughts on “7 Steps to Managing Blogging Time

  1. Gilbey says:

    thank you mike, just started blogging for about 2 months now and this information is very relevant for me. This could save me from revision before i finally publish a post… great info!


  2. Stu McLaren says:


    Great tips – I definitely agree that writing in “chunks” will help make it a lot easier to actually get them created.

    One thing that I’ve found VERY helpful is to actually use Dragon Dictate.

    I had heard others recommend it so I decided to try it.

    I was shocked at how accurate it was and I was able to crank out new blog posts in record time.

  3. David Nikel says:

    Dragon Dictate is available on the iPhone (possibly other mobile OS’s too, not sure!) – opening up potential for dictating blog posts on the move!

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  5. […] 6 blog posts per week (Monday to Saturday). I’ve failed again and again on this until I discovered the secret to managing my blogging time. […]

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