Why You Must Hire Someone to Help You

So you’re starting your first business and you are wondering whether or not you must hire an employee to help you out in your business. Many people will advise you against it and most of the time these people have no experience in business at all or they tried but failed and never tried again.

Before I answer this question, I want you to look around you and check if the successful businesses around you have at least one employee. Do they? What does it tell you?

Yes, many of today’s big businesses started out in the proverbial garage with just the founder and a friend. But then they realized that they need more help so they hired someone. What about you? Should you hire someone to help you in your business?

I say YES. It’s the wise thing to do.

It’s often more productive to do so than to not to. The whole concept here is not just help but also leverage. If you do everything on your own then how can you focus your energy in the more important aspects of your business like product development, planning and the like? Wouldn’t it be better to get someone to do the less important jobs like following-up clients, writing articles (I’m writing this myself but I do have writers for my other blogs) and so on?

Let’s talk about leverage. Consider this, what if your employee is more knowledgeable than you in certain areas? Wouldn’t that be better as it contributes to the overall development of your business? Of course it is! In fact, I’ve spoken to a bunch of other businessmen about it and they always tell me to hire people who are better than you.

So go ahead and hire the best people that your budget can afford. It doesn’t matter how many people you hire as long as you think as it will benefit your business as a whole.


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