Three Steps to Perfecting Social Media Marketing

It is undeniable that the internet social media has changed the world of online marketing.  Businesses big and small from all over the world are now tapping into its power and making use of its benefits.  Sad to say though, not everybody is doing it right.

Perfecting social media marketing has been the dream of just about any marketer I’ve spoken with and some even spend thousands of dollars just to find out what works and what doesn’t.   There is however some good news for those who are just getting started as well as for those who have tried but failed.

The good news is that there are a few people who have had great success in this realm and just told everyone they know who are willing to listen.  Perfecting social media marketing can be summarized in 3 steps.

  1. Build Relationships – the social media is all about relationship and transparency.  Sites like Facebook have made it easier for everybody who a person really is even without meeting him or her face to face.  With that in mind, it is very important to build true relationships with your niche market.  If you do this right, you’ll see that people will be willing to talk about your product even without you asking them to.
  2. Never Spam – it’s old school.  Spamming does not work with social media – you are just a click away to being ignored forever.
  3. Never Hard Sell – Yes, that’s right.  Some say that the way to sell with social media is not to sell at all.  I don’t think that’s accurate.  You can still sell but you have to do it right. Never, never push your products to the face of your social media circle.  Instead, build trust and relationship by providing them with free quality information that they can use in their daily lives.  Social media marketing is 90% building relationships and 10% selling.

Whatever product or service you are trying to market on sites like Facebook and Twitter, the rules remain the same.


2 thoughts on “Three Steps to Perfecting Social Media Marketing

  1. Too many people lead with spam and the hard sell and that kills any possibility of forming a relationship with that reader, follower, subscriber from the very beginning.

    Seek to be helpful, first. Be interested. Do those things first, and you’ll find your audience.

    • Mike Lopez says:

      Exactly! The problem is that many people seek for a quick way to make money often forgetting that business is not about making money but building relationships. This is why social media marketing is a good marketing avenue for those who know how to do business the right way.

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