1 Hour of Agony, 10 Minutes of Fun

How much sacrifice does it take in order for one to achieve success?  How long does one have to wait before he enjoys the fruits of his labor?  These are the most common questions people ask me when talking about success.

Success is the fruit of a tree that you planted.  Success is not the fruit that you pick from somebody else’s tree.  When you plant a tree, it takes time before it grows.  You have to till the soil and water the tree and make sure that everything’s just right.  Then when the time comes, it produces fruits which you can eat at your heart’s desire.

I just recently took my family and my aunt out for some stroll at the SM Mall of Asia last Sunday and there was this cool ride called “Wow Balls”.  It’s basically an inflatable pool filled with water and a bunch of huge inflatable balls.  People go inside the balls, one person per ball, and try to walk in it while the ball floats on the water. Jae wanted to give it a try so we queued up and waited our turn.

Guess what?! It took us more than an hour to wait for our turn and Jae only spent about 10 minutes inside the ball.  It was fun and worth the wait but I realized that there is a lesson to share here.  We had to bear the agony of standing up in the queue and waiting for our turn for an hour just for ten short minutes of fun!

Jae inside the Wow Ball

Success is just like that.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  You have to do what needs to be done if you want to get what you want.

One other thing I noticed are the few people who are trying to sneak into the line.  These people are not willing to go to the end of the line.  They want shortcuts.  These are like people who pick fruits out of other people’s trees.  What happened to them?  They were asked to move to the end of the line and wait for their turn.  Imagine how embarrassing that is?

You don’t want to do that.  You want to do what’s right if you want success in your life.

Don’t rush.  It will just slow you down.  Instead, be diligent in doing what needs to be done and success will be yours in time.


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