Oh! How Time Flies FAST

Time Flies Fast

Another year has passed and it seems it was only a few days ago when we celebrated the arrival of 2010. Now it’s 2011! Time flies very fast indeed and it amazes me how much stuff in people’s to-do list are still unchecked. I know I do.

Looking back at the stuff I did, I realized that I spent a lot of time on “twiddling my fingers” so to say. Doing lots of things but not the ones that need to be done. Yeah I know that’s procrastinating and I hate it but still I end up doing it.

Well of course I also made some big accomplishments and I’m happy and proud to have done those but still there’s this feeling that I could have done more.

Oh well, here comes another 365 days and I wish I’ll spend more of my time on things that really matter and check a lot of those stuff in my 2011 to-do list


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