Ideas for a Small Home-based Business

Do you need ideas for a small business? Many people today are shifting from employment into running their own small business mostly from their homes. The internet has basically empowered every individual to make money from the internet from the comfort of their living rooms or even bedrooms – even in the Philippines.

As such, I thought it would be great to compile a list of small business ideas which I think are great.

Direct Selling – this type of business is often avoided by many because of the world “selling” when in fact selling is the only way for one to earn some bucks. The most common items to sell nowadays are wellness and beauty products. The concept is simple – order the products from the supplier and sell it to people.

Drinks and Snacks – if you’re located near a school or in a place where there are lots of people then selling drinks and snacks would be a good idea. You can make your own drinks (think fruit shakes or powdered juices such as orange, iced tea, etc.) and snacks such as sandwiches, hotdogs. The fastest way to get started with this type of business is to get a franchise.

Network Marketing – many may shy away from this type of business but it is actually a good business. The fastest way to get started on this type of business is to find a network marketing company with good training programs. Network marketing is basically you building your empire of consumers and that every consumer is given the same opportunity to build their own empire of consumers.

Online Affiliate Marketing – if you have lots of time to spend in front of the computer then maybe affiliate marketing is for you. You can quickly make some extra bucks doing affiliate marketing on the internet. The concept is that you sell someone else’s product and get a commission.


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