Moving on to a Better Goal in Life

For years my goal was to improve my way of living.  I envisioned a big house for my family, a car each for my kids on their 18th birthday, local and world travel, huge savings and yes even my own personal jet plane.  I tried different things and found different ways to actually achieve my dreams but they all pointed to one fact – I have to become a businessman and fast!

And so I tried a bunch of businesses such as putting up my own computer shop, web hosting business, and even affiliate marketing.  All of them were feasible sources of huge income as shown by the number of people who have been successful in these fields.  But they were not for me.

I needed to find an easier and proven path to success.  That’s when I found out that the best way to become rich is to help other people become rich themselves.  So I started my journey in search of a business that has this principle in its philosophy and I found one.

I’d honestly love to tell you about it here but that would ruin the surprise but I’ll give you some ideas of what I plan to do instead.  My plan is to build 100 Filipino Millionaires by teaching them the same system that I discovered.  A system that allowed me to get out of debt, buy my first car, purchase a lot for a house that I plan to build by 2011.  I thought that if I teach other people to do exactly what I did then they’ll be rich too and that’s good for the country, their families and even for me.

This is my goal, my new and long-term goal.  The more I think of others and not of myself, the better our lives become.  This time, it won’t just be me.  The system I discovered is so powerful, easy and proven that I would be 100% greedy and a total jerk if I wouldn’t be sharing it with you.

So tell you what, I’ll share it to you for free.  Just enter your name and e-mail address below and I’ll get you started ASAP!


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