How to Improve your Text Link Ads Income

Ever wondered how some people make $300, $500 or even $1000 a month with Text Link Ads?  Well tell you what, it’s not easy as in 24-hours only easy but it can be done with a little consistency and hard work.

Truth is that the amount you earn from Text Link Ads is based on the quality of your blog content, page rank value and a bunch of other things.  Theoretically, it’s easy to do but it’s really a bit hard in real life.  So what do you need to do? Here are three things that you’ll want to do.

  1. Keep your content fresh – I say spend at least 1 to 2 hours per day updating your blog.  Post something new or talk about another person’s post.  Add some photos to your posts because people like that.  If people like what you posted, they’re most likely going to link to your blog.
  2. Keep your topics consistent – Typical newbie bloggers would post anything that comes to their mind and when a professional (i.e. those who advertise with TLA) look at their blog, they’re not really sure about what topic is being talked about.  Furthermore, inconsistency with your topics will drive readers away.
  3. Interact with other blogs – Interacting SHOULD be done in two ways.  First and the more common one is to post useful comments on other people’s blogs.  Make it useful enough that those reading through the comments will be interested in who you are and so click the link to your blog.  Second is to write about other people’s blogs.  This will build good blog-to-blog relationships and thereby increase your readership.

Bonus Tip: Do not focus on Page rank.  Focus on quality content and search engine rankings and PR will follow naturally.  Text Link Ads advertisers don’t just look at page rank, they also look at the quality and readability of your content.

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