The Finish Line

Life is like a race.  There’s a start and there’s an end.  The same can be said for every little aspect of life.  There will always be a starting a line and a goal.  It is upto one’s desire whether he wishes ti finish the race or not.

I am writing this short article for a single purpose – to encourage you and the rest to just keep on going and going.  Go on until you can no longer go, reach for the goal until you’ve exhausted all your energy.  That’s what defines a winner.  To me, it’s not about getting their first nor is it being the fastest or the strongest.  To me this concept of “winning” is nothing compared to what I believe winning is all about.

Winning is about persistence.  It’s about how far you can go and it’s about whether or not you will do whatever it takes just to achieve your goal. In a race, some will be ahead, some will be left behind, some will be fast and some will be slow but all will be winners so long as they reach the finish line. That’s what I believe in.

It may take you days, months or years before you can reach your goal. People may start discouraging you but winning is about getting focused and not getting distracted by what others are saying. So what if it takes you your entire life to achieve your goal? Winners have one thing in their mind and that’s nothing else but their goal.

In short, winning is simply NOT TO QUIT!


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