How to build credibility online

How to build your credibility online

Credibility is important for any entity – be it an individual or corporation. It’s not easy to build it but it’s way too easy to tarnish or even destroy it, especially online. So how does one build credibility and keep it good online? Here are a few tips that may just help.

  1. Build a website – you can never build online credibility without it.  A blog is more than sufficient for this purpose and you can build your blog for free at
  2. Be kind – be as kind as you can to everybody.  You can do this by writing comments on their blogs, praising their articles, or simply writing on their facebook wall.
  3. Be honest – never exaggerate on things and never lie.
  4. Be sociable – respond to people’s comments on your blog and social networks
  5. Never spam – spamming can destroy your online credibility in seconds
  6. Be yourself – don’t act as if you’re somebody else.  Just be yourself and you’ll have more friends online
  7. Offer help – if you’re an expert in some field, offer your help for free to other people in forums, blogs and social networking websites
  8. Post photos – upload wholesome photos of yourself and your family on your social networking websites.  You can also upload them on your blogs
  9. Be consistent – be as consistent as you can in updating your online profiles, blogs, etc. This let’s people know that you’re alive and kicking
  10. Be friendly – nothing can be better in building online credibility than being genuinely friendly to others

This list is not in any particular order.  I just wrote them as they popped into my head.  If you have more suggestions in building your online credibility, please feel free to post them as comments below.



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