True Leadership

True LeadershipEver wondered how you can become a true leader in your field? A leader that everyone looks up to, someone that brings success to others?

It’s pretty simple really but it’s not easy. The concept of leadership is often misinterpreted by many as being the “boss” wherein the truth is that leadership is actually the opposite of bossing around other people. A true leader sets high standards for himself so that other people may follow while the boss simply sets the standards for others and doesn’t do it himself.

Let me start it with a quote by one of the most successful people in the world. Someone, whom many agree, is a very good leader indeed.

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. – Ray Kroc

A true leader leads by example and not by rules. A true leader inspires others by what he does and yet he never boasts or brags about it. Also, a true leader stoops down to the level of his followers and “walks in their shoes” so that he understands their needs.

A true leader stands by his word and does whatever it takes not to break it. He is also willing to sacrifice so that others will be successful. He lets his people reap the benefits first, he gratifies himself last. He never rejoices in what is wrong but does his best to do what is right even if it means putting a lot of effort into it. He never steps on other people’s toes.

A true leader never quits even if no one wishes to follow him. He has a vision, a clear vision that drives him to do what he needs to do everyday. His goal is not just for himself but for everyone around him. He thinks of himself as the servant of all and yet his followers honor and respect him.

Seldom do I find people with the qualities of a true leader. I’m very lucky to have been mentored by a few because the words of a true leader are like gold, the lessons he teaches are like never ending streams of water that refreshes you day by day.


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