5 Steps to Achieving your Goals

5 Steps to Achieving your GoalGoal setting is the foundation wherein successful people build their dreams upon. It is the process of clearly defining what you really want to achieve in a certain amount of time and what you need to do to get there. While setting a goal is not an easy task (there are secrets to doing this as well which I’m going to share with you in the future), achieving your goal is an ever greater achievement. In fact, less than 10% of people achieve their goals.

So, to help you become an achiever, I’ll tell you exactly what I do to get there.

I’m going to share with you the 5 steps that I take when I set my goal and what I do to achieve them.

  1. Write down on a piece of clean paper what you really, really, really want to achieve. Many people fail to do this thinking that simply thinking about your goal will be enough. Research shows that writing down your goal increases the probability of you achieving it to as high as 90%. Make it clear. Don’t write “a new house”, instead write down “a 2000 square-meter two-story Victorian house with 8 bedrooms, 5 baths on 1 hectare of land beside the lake. If you can add a picture of your goal, the better.
  2. Define what it takes for you to achieve your goal. If you’re planning to buy a car in 12 months, then you need to know how much the car costs and how much extra money you need to earn each month to attain it. You’ll also need to define how will you raise that extra money on a monthly basis.
  3. Be willing to pay the price. Always remember that each goal has a price to pay for. It can be waking up earlier every morning, eating less food in the evening, investing a certain amount of money into a business and so on. Knowing your goal and knowing what it takes to get there is not enough. You really have to be willing to do what needs to be done to achieve it.
  4. Start doing what needs to be done. You need to do this on a daily basis, with each day taking you closer to your goal. Tick off the things that you have already accomplished and carefully take note of what you need to do next. You might need to adjust from time to time but always stay on track.
  5. Be Passionate, Consistent and Focused. Passion is the fuel that drives you to get there amidst all distractions in life. You need to keep that fire burning. The greater your passion is, the more consistent you will be in achieving your goal. Then of course, you’ll need to focus all your energy towards achieving your goal. Without focus, you’ll end up with your efforts being scattered all over the place and all your passion and consistency will be worth nothing.

There you go. Let these five steps guide you in achieving your goals.


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