Overcoming Monday Sickness

Overcoming Monday SicknessHave you ever heard of the “disease” called Monday Sickness? Symptoms are laziness, not wanting to wake up, not capable of focusing on a task, grumpiness, playing games instead of doing work, and all other forms of unproductiveness on Mondays especially during the morning.

If you have any of these symptoms on Mondays then you’re most probably a victim of Monday Sickness. Is there a cure? For centuries, people from all over the globe tried to find a cure but they weren’t able to find any but I think I may have just come across with one. No need to take drugs whatsoever so it’s 100% safe.

And oh, it won’t cost you a penny.

Before I continue, let us first consider the known causes of Monday Sickness. Typically it’s when we enjoy our weekends too much that we begin to encounter it when we have to start our week all over again. The feeling of enjoyment, fun and relaxation on weekends often stays with us when Monday comes. An additional cause for employees is when you see your desk full stuff that needs to be done and possibly the annoying supervisor, manager or boss.

Now that we know the known causes, here’s what I do. Give it a try and it may just help you.

  1. Snap out of it. Weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work. No matter how much we don’t want to do it, we just have to do it.  Saturday and Sunday is over and you just have to accept that.
  2. Break your tasks into simpler goals and reward yourself after work for each goal that you have accomplished.
  3. Talk with your officemates but do not talk too much.  Some casual talking helps get rid of Monday Sickness because it gives you another feeling of enjoyment.  Too much talking makes you unproductive but so is not talking at all.
  4. Listen to music.  An iPod always helps.
  5. Enjoy your break time.

That’s basically what I do to get rid of Monday Sickness.  Your overall goal is to enjoy Monday no matter how unenjoyable it is.  It’s all about mind-setting, if you want to enjoy it then you will enjoy it.  Start with a smile and end the day with laughter.  Fact is, nobody wants to work.  I don’t want to work.  We all just want to have fun but that ain’t reality.  What we can do however is to be as productive as we can so we can finish our work sooner and enjoy the rest of the day.


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