Are you spreading yourself too thin?

Over StretchedOne thing I learned in “online living” is to avoid spreading myself too thin. I used to maintain many websites and I mean many. Each time a new idea comes to my mind, I would immediately register a domain for it, set it up on my server and create a blog for it only to find myself not capable of pushing through with this new idea anymore. This results to stress, unmaintained websites and definitely no income.

Furthermore, this kind of strategy spreads my SEO efforts into multiple sites. Instead of building links for just one site, I end up building links for tons of sites – something that I honestly just can’t do. Updating is a nightmare (which blog will I update today) and promotion is scarce.

After learning these lessons, I decided to just maintain three sites – this one and two others which you’ll eventually see as we go along. What about the other sites that I already own? I’ll keep them as is for now until I either find someone who would be interested in maintaining them.

If you think that you’re spreading yourself too thin then I strongly urge you to do as I did. Make a list of things that you’re currently doing and just cross out anything that aren’t really that important. If you end up thinking that everything in your list are important, then just prioritize them. You need to focus your energy on to a few things only in order to get results – that’s the whole point.

Next, re-organize yourself. Make use of calendars and task lists as they are proven tools in self-organizing and time management. Then don’t be a workaholic. In other words, don’t work the entire day and always have a day off or two for your family and friends. You need it in order to recharge.

There you go, I hope this article has been of help to you.


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