30 Signs Someone Will Never Become Rich – Summary

The original source of this list is 30 Signs Someone Will Never Become Rich and I’m putting it here first for my reference and second for those who don’t want the list itself and not the explanation for each one.

I do however highly recommend that you go over to the original post to get a deeper understanding of each item in this list.

  1. A Lack of Motivation
  2. Unable to Adapt
  3. Accepting Wrong Kinds Of Feedback
  4. Imagining that Getting Rich is Impossible
  5. Content with a Paycheck
  6. Pursuing Someone Else’s Dreams Instead of Your Own
  7. Buying Things You Can’t Afford
  8. Commuting Over an Hour to Work
  9. Lacking Discipline
  10. Not Believing In Yourself
  11. Taking Advice From Other Poor People
  12. You Don’t Have Investments
  13. Focusing Too Much On Saving
  14. Starting Projects and Never Finishing Them
  15. Taking Care of Others Instead of Yourself
  16. Seeking Approval From Others
  17. Hating Your Job
  18. Never Trying New Things
  19. Not Having Financial Goals
  20. Waiting For a Miracle
  21. Being Chronically Late
  22. Never Reading
  23. All Talk, No Action
  24. A Jack of All Trades, But a Master Of None
  25. Working By the Hour
  26. You Refuse to Move
  27. You Avoid Talking on the Phone
  28. Public Speaking Makes You Nervous
  29. You Only Work 40 Hours Per Week
  30. Terrified of Failure

This list reminds me that there’s still much to be done. Hope it does the same to you.

How to be the Perfect Perfectionist


I dislike most perfectionists. They get under my skin. To me they’re no more than simple fault-finders pointing out what’s wrong in everything that they see.

But the truth is I believe that we’re all perfectionists in our own little way.

As a computer programmer I hate seeing sloppy coding. As head of our worship team, I hate seeing spaghetti cabling. And more…

Chances are you are a perfectionist at something and if so then don’t fret because I think I figured out the secret to becoming the perfect perfectionist.

As a Christian I realized that the Christian God is the Master of all Perfectionists (I say Christian God because I’m in no position to talk about any other god). The bible tells us that God wants us to be spotless, blameless and most of all holy. God Himself is spotless, blameless and holy and so He has every right to tell us to be so but more than that He actually walked the talk not as God but as man.

He took the form of man in Jesus Christ and lived a life of perfection. He did openly express His distaste for sin but also showed us how to live a holy life.

Jesus also spoke of the “imperfect perfectionist in Matthew 23:2-4

“The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, so do and observe whatever they tell you, but not the works they do. For they preach, but do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger.” ~ Matthew‬ ‭23:2-4‬ ‭ESV‬‬

And that’s it. That’s how we do it. That’s how we can be Perfect Perfectionists – by NOT doing what the scribes and Pharisees do. You see many perfectionists are like them, pointing out what’s wrong, preaching from their pedestal BUT not lifting a finger to actually help others become what they want them to be.

By all means point out what’s wrong BUT WITH LOVE also set an example on how to do it right. Don’t be like the scribes and the Pharisees but be like Jesus instead – walking the talk and helping others walk the talk as well.

We will never achieve anything just by pointing out what’s wrong and making the other person feel bad. We can only satisfy our perfectionist side if we have POSITIVELY influenced others to do as we do. If you can’t do that then you don’t have the right to impose perfectionism on others.

If you really want to be a perfectionist then might as well be a perfect one.

DIY Palawan Tour for a Family of 6 (Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron)

Getting Ready for the Underground River

Getting Ready for the Underground River

It’s summer and we only had a window of one week for a family vacation – blame the different vacation times of colleges and high schools here in the Philippines. We always wanted to go to Palawan so we grabbed the opportunity to unstress as soon as it came.

So my family of 6 went on our first ever Palawan adventure and as always, we love to do things DIY. We did not purchase complete (all-in) tour packages meaning we had to book our flight, vans, ferries, accommodations and tours separately.

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What is the Most Affordable Home Based Online Business in the Philippines?

Many of us Pinoys are business-minded and with more and more of us getting easy access to gadgets and the internet we begin to think about starting our own online business.

Makes perfect sense really – may internet ka, sa bahay ka lang and then may business ka pa. But we all know that starting an online business – just like any other businesses – may be simple but certainly not easy.

So, we begin searching the internet in hopes of finding the most affordable home based online business in the Philippines. You know, baka sakaling may makita tayong ready-made online business na pwede nating simulan right away.

Kaso, we Pinoys also love “free-stuff” – alam mo yun, free-taste, free-trial, etc. Pag dating sa business gusto natin free din but since we know that businesses require sort of initial capital, we begin searching for the next best thing – yung affordable a.k.a. mura – yung hindi masakit sa bulsa.

Good news, pwede naman and here’s how you can do it – FACEBOOK.

Why Facebook you ask – well, it’s practically free unless you go for paid ads. It’s a growing ecosystem and most of all Filipinos love to be on Facebook. It’s almost like we Filipinos eat and breathe Facebook.

So go to Facebook, create a page (or just use your personal profile) and start selling stuff.


That’s how you start an affordable online business in the Philippines – whether home-based or not.

But will it be effective?

That’s the million-peso question.

Kung maliitan lang ang habol mo, then OK, Pwede na siguro.

But if you really want to be serious about having an online business then you have to think beyond just it being affordable – you have to think big.

Start small but think big.

10 Steps to Becoming a Productivity Master for Life

10 Steps to Becoming a Productive Person

Being productive is more than just being busy, it’s about getting things done. – Photo by Holidayextras (CC BY)

We all have busy days – some more busy than others but then we all know that being busy is not the same as being productive. To be productive means to get things done – as in finished, complete, over with done.

Have you ever had that day when you felt like you have not accomplished anything despite being so busy and tired the entire day? Well, I hate that feeling – it makes me feel useless.

So how can you boost your productivity, get things done and have a productive day (or life) on a day-to-day basis? I created a list of what I think are the things you need to do to be productive.

Pick Just One Task

You need to learn how to monotask because we humans weren’t made for multitasking. If you were ever told that we are capable of multitasking then you were told a lie. It seems like we can multitask but we really can’t. What we do is quickly switch from one task to another.

Computers used to do that way back in the day – that is – appear to multitask by switching from one job to another. Then we began to have multi-core processors that allowed computers to do real multitasking.

But unless you’re a computer where you can just upgrade your processor (a.k.a. brain) to have multiple cores then accept the fact that you can’t multitask.

So-called multitasking in humans often result to less than average quality of work, stress, depression, and yes unproductive days. It actually prevents you from being productive at work.

What you need to do is choose one amongst the myriad “productive” things that you have to do.

But which one?

Simple, choose the one task that brings the most value. That one task that will brighten your day, that will make you feel like a champ.

Am I making sense here?

Define What “Done” Means

How do you know that you’ve accomplished something? How do you know that you’re actually done?

You see, I had this programming project once where the end-result was not clearly defined. We have a vague idea of what needs to be done but we weren’t really clear on where the finish line is. Me and my team wrote code like crazy but felt like we weren’t getting anywhere.

Imagine driving somewhere without knowing where that somewhere is?

You know you have to drive to get there but you don’t know when to stop.

Big problem.

You have to clearly define the finished product in your head.

Say you have to fix a leaking roof. How do you know that you’ve fixed the roof? Is it when you have applied sealant to where you think the holes are? Do you have to test it first by pouring bucket-loads of water to make sure there’s no more leak?

Define what done means for your task. Failing to do so will just have you running in circles not knowing when the day will end.

Simplify Things

Product developers have what they call an MVP or a Minimum Viable Product. The idea is to have something done that really works. It may be something that needs improvement but right now, that something gets the job done.

This usually don’t apply to simple things but if you were trying to accomplish something huge – say build a house – you’ll have to break things up into smaller things.

How small? Small enough to finish it in an hour, half-day or even a day but certainly not more than one day.

The idea here is to accomplish something that brings you closer to your ultimate goal.


Just about everyhing in this world tries to get our attention. Phones, computers, TV, radio, people, the dog and the cat.

If you’re serious about getting things done then you have tune out all of these distractions and focus on the task at hand. In my case, I turn off everything that I don’t need to get the task done.

I turn off my phone, I turn off my computer’s notifications, I block social media sites, I tell my kids and wife not to disturb me and so on.

There was this one time (years and years ago) when I accidentally crashed a client’s server because I wasn’t focused on the task at hand. No, you don’t want that. Instead of getting things done, I ended up having more things to do. Not a good thing.

Some people say music helps them focus but I noticed that to not be the case for me. Instead of working, I end up singing.

So what do I do?

Earplugs! Perfect to tune out the rest of the world and focus on getting the task at hand done.

Take Breaks

This may sound counter-intuitive especially to the workaholic types but it’s true.

Taking regular breaks can make you more productive.

Regular breaks allow us to regroup, rethink, replenish and relax.

You know the saying, “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

The best ideas usually come to me during break time.

Here’s the twist though, you have to learn how to take a real break.

I mean, if you’re still worrying about finishing your task while taking your break then you’re missing the point. The idea is to “get out of it” and enjoy – have a cup of coffee, relax, take a nap (just a nap), eat ice cream, talk face to face with somebody else, stare at the horizon, whatever.

Take a break.

Here’s how I do it.

25-minute work, 5-minute break, 25-minute work, 5-minute break, 40-minute work, 20-minute break, then back to start.

I keep doing that cycle until I get my task done. You can copy mine or you can do it your own style.

Of course, take meal breaks when necessary.


Start your day with a 30-minute meditation on whatever you want to meditate on. If you’re religious, then meditate on whatever your religious book is (Tanakh, Bible, Koran, etc).

Empty your mind and focus on whatever your meditating on.

I have to say this… Don’t meditate on your tasks – NOT GOOD!

Meditation is known to boost our energy levels, keep us focused, and remind us on what we really do what we do.

So meditate.


After meditating, it’s always good to do a quick 45-minute to 1-hour walk. Exercise release the pixie dusts in your blood stream that make you stronger, more focused and highly motivated.

If you’re the gym-type then go to the gym.

If it’s raining then do push-ups or whatever you can do at home besides cleaning the house.

What’s best if you can do it with family and/or friends.

We’re social people and by social I mean real interaction with real live people face to face. We NEED to hear other people’s voices.

Pro-tip, you can also do quick stretches when you take a break from work.


I’ll keep this short – if you don’t eat, you die. Food is our fuel, without fuel our thoughts begin to wander off to something else and guess what that something else is??? FOOD!

But don’t just eat. Eat healthy. A balanced healthy diet is always good.

Oh one thing about eating – don’t eat while working.

Reward Yourself

We love rewards no matter how much we deny it. We love a pat on the back whenever we do something good. That’s why we love those stickers and stars from our pre-school teachers when we were young.

And this is how you can make it for you.

Before you start getting down and dirty working on a task, tell yourself what kind of reward will you give yourself when you get it done. This gives you something to look forward to.

Needless to say, simple tasks get simple rewards. Huge tasks get huge rewards. This gives you the incentive to tackle that big boulder in front of you right now.

I always love treating myself to Starbucks once in a while.

Track Your Progress

This might not make sense if you’re working on a single teeny-tiny-task that’s not part of a bigger thing. It is perfect however for those tasks that you have to break down into smaller ones.

Say you have to build a new website. We know that building a website is a goal, not a task. So we break it down into doable tasks with matching accomplishment scores in percent.

Example 1. purchase a domain name (5%), 2. purchase a hosting plan (5%), 3. install WordPress (5%), 4. install necessary plugins (5%), 5. purchase and install a theme (5%), 6. tweak stuff (10%), 7. write an about us page (10%), 8. create first article (10%), and so on…

Put that in a simple spreadsheet and boom you have a simple but useful way of tracking your progress.

How does it help?

Remember our ‘Define What “Done” Means’ above? Tracking your progress tells you how close you are to getting it done (and getting that reward).

Other Things That May Affect Your Productivity

Besides the items listed above, there are still a few things that are known to generally affect one’s productivity.


Get enough sleep everyday – at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping is the time when your brain tries to make sense of everyhing that just happened. It processes a lot of things trying to organize data for re-use the next day.


Besides exercise, go out and burn some more calories by playing every weekend. It can be as simple as playing badminton or as hard core as football. Playing releases “feel good hormones.”

Long Vacation Breaks

It’s always good to take a vacation with the family for at least a week. Me and my family do our best to have 1-month vacations every year going around the Philippines. It’s just a nice way to get grounded to things that really matter.

Clean Up Your Office (Or The House)

A clean workplace and a clean house to go home to induces higher productivity. Take away things that you need. Try to go as zen as you possibly can. This may sound like a task on its own and it is but it’s one of those “make me feel better” tasks that affects your productivity for the rest of them.

Family Time

Eat dinner together. Do a backyard barbecue. Go out for lunch. Play ball. Bathe in the rain. Finish a puzzle together. Do it with your parents, your grandparents, your kids, your grandkids and especially with your spouse. You can do it all together or with someone specific once in a while.

Do something fun with them, even better, do something silly.

Remember, productivity is not about busy. You need to have the willpower to change your lifestyle and become a productive person. You’ll come across a million ways to turn back but know that if you keep pushing forward, you will eventually get there and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

One thing is for sure there are lots and lots of productive things to do at home or at work that, when focused upon, will help you become a productive human being. I sure hope this article helps you become a more productive person not just for a day but for the rest of your life.

Has this article helped you be more productive? Or perhaps you have your own tips to share on how to get things done? Make sure to leave your reply below.

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Social Network & E-Commerce (InfoGraphic)

I find myself using social networks more and more for e-commerce purposes. Though most of my e-commerce traffic still come from search, I can’t deny that I’m seeing growing traffic from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter too on a more regular basis.

With over hundreds of millions of users on Facebook alone, I think it’s inevitable. We also find more integration tools between e-commerce platforms and social media as well making it easier for customers to get the information they need.

If you still don’t see the importance of social networks for e-commerce then perhaps the infographic below can help you understand.

The importance of social media in e-commerce
Infographic Source: www.16best.net

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Best Business in the Philippines for OFW’s

What are the best business ideas and good investment opportunities ideal for OFW’s in the Philippines? This is perhaps the most common question that any industrious and forward-looking OFW is asking and indeed it’s a good question to ask – what is the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s.

While life abroad may be good, retiring at home here in the Philippines is what most OFWs really desire. Before you can retire though, you will have to make some long term investments by building businesses that will keep the cash flowing.

Before I give you a list of possible ideas and opportunities, left’s first define the difference between a business and an investment.

Click here if you want to start a business in the Philippines

Business vs Investment

I’ll make this simple – a business is an investment but an investment is not necessarily a business. Also, you a business is something that you invest in.

Investment is defined as the action or process of putting money in for profit. Business on the other hand means the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce. There is a slight difference between the two.

A business requires that you “work” on it wherein an investment simply means putting money into something. Starting your own business means you’re directly involved in its operations. On the other hand, you can just simply invest on someone else’s business and not worry about operating it. Am I making sense here?

So, should you start your own business or just invest in someone else’s? Truth is you can do both but if you’re like me you like to get hands on and get things done, right?

Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities

So what’s the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s? Check my top 3 list below.

Start an Online Business

More and more OFWs realize the power of the internet. I am a living example of someone who uses the internet to make a living. The biggest chunk of my income is coming from the internet. I’m telling you – it works.

There are many ways to make money online such as blogging, affiliate marketing, ebay and other similar stuff.

Pro: Easy and cheap to start.

Con: Learning it might take quite some time.

Food Business

Filipinos love to eat. This means that going into the food business can make you big bucks. You can franchise a food cart or start a small restaurant. One thing that’s getting more and more popular right now are food parks – it’s essentially the typical food court that you see in big malls but located outside.

Pro: People eat everyday which means there will always be sales.

Con: Spoilage. Food don’t really last that long.

Get Into Direct Selling

Many people don’t think of direct selling as a business but here’s what I can tell you – if you know how to do it right, you can transform it from the typical “maglalako” type of making money into a thriving business with your own salespeople doing all the selling for you.

There are many direct selling companies in the Philippines and thousands of Pinoys, many of which are former OFWs, are making big bucks out of it.

Pro: Easy and cheap to get started

Con: Can be hard at first but the benefits are very good anyway.

I can help you plan your business, click here to get started

Conclusion: The best business in the Philippines for OFW

There are many more ways to invest and do business in the Philippines but you can’t really try all of them. OWWA provides help on this matter as well.

Mike Lopez - Business ConsultantI know that OFWs work very hard to earn money in order to finance the needs of their loved ones which is why I believe OFWs need a guide in order to achieve success in finding the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s.

Nobody wants their hard-earned money to go into waste which is why I created a 3-day email course with the sole purpose of helping transform OFWs into full-time world-class entrepreneurs.

Are you an OFW in search for a Philippine-based business? Click below.

Yes, I am an OFW and I Want to Start My Own Business in the Philippines

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